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Digital Transformation Of Gaskells Management Strategy & Performance

○ Gaskells Waste Management

Digital Transformation Of Gaskells Management Strategy & Performance

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Gaskells, a prominent UK waste collection and processing company, sought to overcome challenges related to increasing competition and operational inefficiencies due to complex scheduling and data management issues.

Rows of Data Analysed
Rows of Data Analysed
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SQL Scripts Written
Dashboards Created
Dashboards Created
Improvement in Efficiency
Improvement in Efficiency

○ Case Study.

What We Did For Gaskells


Gaskells, a major UK waste collection and processing company were facing mounting pressures on its business with increasing competition and rising costs. The company was already heavily data-driven with operations based on highly complex scheduling and waste management planning. Gaining control of its data and generating insights was seen as key to unlocking opportunities for business optimisation and improvements that would enhance its market position and establish the business for growth.

The Challenge

Our client was overwhelmed by the quantity and complexity of its data. It was also operating legacy data-management systems based on Excel which made managing core business operations extremely inefficient and labour intensive. The organisation was unable to draw useful insights from the data which prevented it from understanding which areas were underperforming, and where to target and implement improvements. In some areas, the client was unable to identify what was causing business losses.

Amarji were engaged to unlock and harness their data to release business value and improve performance.

Solutions Implemented

Amarji worked with the client to analyse their business, and identify the key drivers and data sets that would deliver performance improvements. These included insights on profit and loss per customer, performance of operational areas, technical data on waste bins and collections, efficiency of waste collection routes, and cost tracking on fuel, labour and vehicles, amongst others.

Amarji designed and developed a data management and visualisation system using power bi that targeted and extracted key data from their complex operations database (PurGo) to provide instant insights into all key performance measures of the business. The system was designed to deliver a complete real-time view of performance across the whole organisation from a high-level strategic overview down to granularity that enabled the analysis of individual customers, collection routes or even specific bin collections. A suite of dashboards provided visualisation for better analysis, forecasting and trends spotting and improved decision-making. It also reduced the huge administrative burden involved in the manual processing of Excel.

Amarji also helped the client to develop a new operating rhythm based around the data system, and coached the client in embedding the related ways of working into their organisation. This ensured that the client gained the full benefit of using the data in business decision-making. The implementation of these business changes was supported by Amarji throughout. The client was guided in how to resource and deliver the change into their organisation, whilst deconflicting the implementation with their business as usual operations.

Amarji worked closely with the client during the process to add and adapt the system functionality for performance. For example, a data quality check dashboard was built into the system which highlighted data errors, vital in an organisation reliant on accurate data analysis, while an automatic reporting capability was also incorporated.

The Outcome Achieved

Amarji enabled the client to gain a completely new perspective and strategic approach to their business resulting in a 20% efficiency improvement. The new data management and visualisation system revealed the true situation of their business for the first time and unlocked the data insights that allowed the client to manage it more effectively and target areas for improvement. This put the client back in control of their business and allowed them to reorient their strategy and resources for performance and growth. 

What the Client Said

Our partnership with Amarji has been pivotal for our business at Gaskells Waste. Their comprehensive services encompassing Dynamics 365 and Power BI implementation have been invaluable. Amarji’s expertise and seamless integration of these platforms have significantly optimized our operations, providing us with enhanced insights and streamlined processes. We highly value their dedication and the transformative impact their solutions have had on our business.

Jonathan Gaskell, Managing Director at Gaskells Waste

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